Single-Family Rental Development

1005 A Allen Ridge Drive / Greenville, NC 27834

Sweetwater Capital is pleased to offer a unique four-phase investment opportunity in Allen Ridge Community in Greenville, NC.  

Phase I has 56 units, built in 2008 with 100% occupancy. All units are 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms with an average size of 1,200 SF.

Phase II is under development for 68 units with 48 units to be delivered in 45 days and the remaining 20 in 6 months. This Phase consists of 34 units with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths and 34 units with 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, and a garage.

Phase III is fully-entitled and approved for 72 units. 

Phase IV is a proposed plan for 45 duplex-style units and 160 multifamily units on 33 acres of raw land adjacent to Phase III.

Upon completion, the entire development will include duplexes, single family rentals and multifamily units.








(910) 483-0516

Please email us at to request access to property documents.

Understanding Assumable Loans

Understanding Assumable Loans An assumable loan allows a new property buyer to inherit the seller’s loan. Essentially, when a commercial property is sold, the buyer can step into the seller’s shoes and take over the existing loan. However, it’s crucial to understand that not all loans are assumable, and many come with specific conditions for…

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Securing Assets and Enhancing Investments in Commercial Real Estate: A Strategic Guide

In today’s economic climate, navigating the commercial real estate market might seem like sailing through rough seas. With increasing borrowing costs, sluggish rent growth, and persistent inflation, many investors feel lost amidst the turbulent market waves. But even in such challenging conditions, the proper guidance can help an investor chart a successful course. Enter Sweetwater…

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Fannie Mae Commercial Loans For Multifamily Properties

What Are Fannie Mae Multifamily Loans? Fannie Mae Multifamily has served as a dependable funding source for multifamily property investors for over thirty years. Leveraging Fannie Mae’s Delegated Underwriting and Servicing (DUS) model offers a streamlined avenue to secure financing for property acquisitions. The organization presents a range of options for apartment and multifamily financing,…

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Increasing Insurance Costs Could Lead to Apartment Sales and Threaten New Construction

Increasing Insurance Costs Could Lead to Apartment Sales and Threaten New Construction Apartment owners have faced significant cost increases over the past year, including property taxes, utility, and labor costs, and increased insurance costs. These costs could make owning an apartment unsustainable, as some owners may be forced to sell their properties. Insurance price hikes…

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When Developers Stop

When Developers Stop Developers are visionaries; whose sole focus is transforming fields and rundown buildings into stunning, magnificent structures. They visualize alluring apartment communities, sleek skyscrapers, retail center villages that cater to the many, state-of-the-art storage facilities, and luxurious hotels. Across all commercial asset types, developers are looking to be the creator of the next…

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  Understanding Assumable LoansRead MoreSecuring Assets and Enhancing Investments in Commercial Real Estate: A Strategic GuideRead MoreSeptember 2023 NewsletterRead More“Build-to-rent” (BTR) communities experiencing a significant surgeRead MoreFannie Mae Commercial Loans For Multifamily PropertiesRead MoreIncreasing Insurance Costs Could Lead to Apartment Sales and Threaten New ConstructionRead MoreLOAN CLOSING: Cash-Out RefinanceRead MoreA look at YTD rent growth…

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CoStar Power Broker Award

We’re honored to be recognized by CoStarUS as a CoStar Power Broker Top Firm winner for 2022! CoStar analyzed and measured our firm’s transactions for 2022 against all active brokerages in our market to identify Sweetwater Capital as a CoStar Power Broker Firm Sales winner! And a big congratulations to one of our brokers, Windy…

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FOR SALE: Park West Apartments

FOR SALE: Park West Apartments Park West Apartments consists of 13 buildings and 104 units, built in 1987, and currently at 98% occupancy. There are 16 one-bedroom units, and 88 two-bedroom units with an average of 894 SF. The community features a sizeable pool and lounge area, playground, laundry facilities and on-site maintenance and property…

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2023 Multifamily Outlook: Cautiously Optimistic

Despite the forecasted recession, most seemed cautiously optimistic, and projections were far from dire. Our own observations of the multifamily market align with this perspective. There is still capital looking to invest in commercial real estate, and multifamily remains a front-running investment choice. The increased cost of ownership for single-family homes, coupled with a nationwide…

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CASE STUDY: Kirkwood Place Listing

THE PROPERTY Kirkwood Place is a modern mixed-use property consisting of upscale apartments and Class A commercial space. Completed in 2017, the property provides residents with a sophisticated experience and a generous selection of amenities, including a lounge, coffee bar, and 24-hour fitness center. A short eight-minute drive from Downtown Greensboro, Kirkwood Place is located…

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CASE STUDY: Keystone Apartments

  THE PROPERTY The Keystone Apartments are a 202-unit garden-style multifamily complex in Fayetteville, NC. Built in 1974, the property comprises 24 buildings on a secluded 19-acre lot conveniently located adjacent to the Skibo Road Corridor. Less than 6 miles from Fort Bragg, an Amazon fulfillment center, and the Cape Fear Valley Hospital, the property…

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CASE STUDY: Bull Run Apartments

  THE PROPERTY The Bull Run Apartments are a 13-unit garden-style complex in Fayetteville, NC. The 2.79-acre four-building community was built in two phases, with the first two buildings completed in 1978 and the last two in 1989. Nestled in a quiet residential neighborhood, the property is nine miles from Fort Bragg and minutes from…

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CASE STUDY: Wyndfall Apartments

  THE PROPERTY Wyndfall Apartments are a 56-unit garden-style complex in Hope Mills, NC. The 5.15-acre seven-building community was completed in 1998 and is nestled in a quiet residential neighborhood. The property offers all 2-bedroom units, each with approximately 1,280 square feet of living space. Located within the Fayetteville MSA, Wyndfall Apartments are 15 miles…

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Looking Forward to 2018

Read through Jackson Howard’s responses to what 2018 holds for commercial real estate investors and lending strategies with the new year. 1. What is the biggest challenge you anticipate in 2018 as a direct lender or financial intermediary in commercial real estate? Where do you see the biggest opportunity for your company in 2018? Toward…

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Construction Dollars Are Vanishing in Today’s Commercial Lending Landscape

Regulators, including The Federal Reserve, have put pressure on commercial banks to reduce the amount of construction loan dollars available to commercial real estate developers.  Yet the demand for new construction lending remains strong.  Developers want to see their visions come to fruition, thus alternative solutions are essential in order to fill this void left…

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Green Building? Save Green

Recently, Fannie Mae announced new programs to promote green building in the multifamily industry. The Fannie Mae Green Initiative can be used to increase loan proceeds and lower the interest rate on your loan. For years green building requirements have been far too costly to be practical, but the new requirements for green designations are…

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