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FOR SALE: Cumberland Park Townhomes

Sweetwater Capital is pleased to offer a unique investment opportunity with the acquisition of Cumberland Park Duplexes, a 20-unit property with adjacent .91 acre of raw land nestled in the heart of Raeford, NC. Untitled Document

Effectively managing market volatility requires the proactive deployment of financial strategies

Effectively managing market volatility requires the proactive deployment of financial strategies Market volatility necessitates proactive financial strategies. Apartment operators can address rising expenses in various ways. The multifamily industry experienced record annual growth in revenue, expenses, and net operating income last year, driven by the highest inflation rate in a generation. This underscores the vulnerability…

Understanding Assumable Loans

Understanding Assumable Loans An assumable loan allows a new property buyer to inherit the seller’s loan. Essentially, when a commercial property is sold, the buyer can step into the seller’s shoes and take over the existing loan. However, it’s crucial to understand that not all loans are assumable, and many come with specific conditions for…

Securing Assets and Enhancing Investments in Commercial Real Estate: A Strategic Guide

In today’s economic climate, navigating the commercial real estate market might seem like sailing through rough seas. With increasing borrowing costs, sluggish rent growth, and persistent inflation, many investors feel lost amidst the turbulent market waves. But even in such challenging conditions, the proper guidance can help an investor chart a successful course. Enter Sweetwater…

“Build-to-rent” (BTR) communities experiencing a significant surge

As the housing market faces a scarcity of available homes, and rental prices soar, both potential homebuyers and renters are finding it increasingly challenging to secure suitable housing. In response, home builders and investors have introduced the concept of “build-to-rent” (BTR) communities, also known as single-family rentals. According to U.S. News, the BTR sector is…

Fannie Mae Commercial Loans For Multifamily Properties

What Are Fannie Mae Multifamily Loans? Fannie Mae Multifamily has served as a dependable funding source for multifamily property investors for over thirty years. Leveraging Fannie Mae’s Delegated Underwriting and Servicing (DUS) model offers a streamlined avenue to secure financing for property acquisitions. The organization presents a range of options for apartment and multifamily financing,…